Outdoor Movies of Texas has recently changed to fit our current time. We are now only offering family-style backyard movies. You will still get an HD projector with concert-quality sound, but with more of a cozy feel.

Helotes, TX



Our team is a bit smaller now but we haven't lost the expertise. Our team has decades of experience in executing large and small scale projections. Our professional technicians will provide insight and creativity to ensure the success of your event. We can design and help plan a memorial evening.  We help determine the best location for the equipment, guest seating, etc.  to create an ideal atmosphere.


(max 50 people)


  • Birthday Parties

  • Socials

  • Sleepover/Late night parties

              (we can leave the       

                equipment with an extra

                $50 refundable deposit)​

  • Sporting events

  • Gaming (Wii, Playstation, XBox)

  • Corporate Events

  • School Fundraisers

  • Private Parties

  • Church Activities

  • Advertising



"Not only was your staff entergetic, knowledgeable and kind, they had incredible insight into ways to make our event the best it could be"

- Satisfied Customer